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Business Council Welcomes Referendum Council Report on Constitutional Reform

“The final report of the Referendum Council, which follows a rigorous and extensive process of consultation and discussion, is a welcome addition to the national dialogue on Indigenous recognition” said Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott today in response to the public release of the Referendum Council’s report and recommendations for constitutional reform.

“We have long supported moves towards constitutional recognition for First Peoples, along with other reforms to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a greater voice in decisions that affect their lives. 

“Council Indigenous Engagement Task Force Chair Michael Rose has been an active member of the Referendum Council.

“The regional dialogues which culminated in the Uluru statement were an historic undertaking and the clarity of their message, reflected in the Report’s recommendations, is striking. 

“I trust that the leaders of both major parties and ultimately the parliament will give proper consideration to the recommendations of the report.

“Rather than ruling things in or out now is the time to engage in a thoughtful and constructive conversation about the proposals put forward. 

“There are at least 20,000 Indigenous employees of Business Council companies, there is no doubt that this process is incredibly important to them.

“Our members are firmly committed to Indigenous empowerment and economic inclusion. We are ready to engage with this process wherever it is appropriate to do so.”