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COAG a step closer to getting the NEG done

Business welcomes the positive step forward at today’s COAG Energy Council meeting on the National Energy Guarantee, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“The business community commends the COAG Energy Council for agreeing to advance the Guarantee, so we can put an end to a decade of dysfunctional debate over energy and climate change policy in Australia.

“Energy Ministers were constructive in their discussions today on the framework. For the first time in years a workable solution to our energy policy woes is within reach.

“Today’s result means we are a step closer to providing the policy certainty needed to drive much needed investment in the energy sector.

“The Federal Minister, together with the Energy Security Board, should be acknowledged for their leadership on the development of the Guarantee, and we urge all federal MPs to show the same resolve to provide certainty by supporting this important policy.

“By supporting the Guarantee our political leaders can lock in a new wave of investment in affordable, reliable and clean energy by giving industry the policy certainty and stability it desperately needs

“We must get on with the job of implementing the Guarantee to achieve a more reliable, affordable and clean energy system.

“As a nation we cannot afford any further delays.”

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