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Big and Small Business: "Stronger Together"


Businesses in Australia employ 10 million of the nation's 12 million workers, and trade between big and small business is valued at more than $550 billion annually.

Here's how we are working together.

The relationship between big and small business has never been stronger after the Business Council and the Council of Small Business Australia (COSBOA) on Friday, 25 August 2017, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) committing us to work collaboratively to advance our shared goals.

The MOU, signed at the COSBOA National Small Business Summit, sets out a framework for our two organisations to work together on core issues such as taxation, workplace relations and efficient supply chains.

Business Council President Grant King (pictured bottom right above) signing the MOU with COSBOA Chairman Paul Nielsen, accompanied by Peter Strong and Jennifer Westacott.

The following is an extract of the keynote speech by Business Council Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott to the Council of Small Business Australia's National Small Business Summit 2017:

"The Business Council and COSBOA share many common goals and our policy agendas have much in common. The Business Council’s members include some of the biggest employers in the country. All of them have important partnerships with small businesses as both suppliers and as customers.

Today I want to talk about the opportunity for big and small businesses to work together to make Australia a more prosperous and more competitive country.

My central proposition is this:
○ That we are stronger together.
○ That we are stronger when we act together.
○ There is no big business without small business, and there is no small business without big business.
○ And that we should resist the temptation to be divided, because if we are divided we will be conquered.

We are totally interconnected, and it is that interconnection which is one of our nation’s greatest strengths. The activity of Australian businesses – big and small – isn’t just the foundation of our economic prosperity. It’s part of our social fabric."

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