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Qantas and Dreamtime Tuka stronger together

The Qantas Group spends over $6bn each year with suppliers in Australia.  We take our responsibility to small Australian based suppliers seriously. 

An example of this is our partnership with Dreamtime Tuka owned by Herb Smith.  Herb approached us after retiring from the police force with a vision to produce aboriginal inspired and influenced foods.  We worked with Herb to refine his product to suit the Qantas customer and understand how to manage Qantas requirements for scale.  We launched the lemon myrtle coconut slice in March 2016 and served  over 220,000 of these slices.  Since then, we have launched the bush plum crumble and the rainforest plum chocolate slices on subsequent domestic menus and have served our customers over 900,000 of Herb’s slices.    Herb has continued to grow his business with new customers and in doing so, has created employment opportunities in the local aboriginal communities of Wellington and Dubbo.

Another example is our decision a couple of years ago to serve Australian made butter rather that an overseas brand.  We purchase over 5m portions of butter each year and these volumes, along with the brand reach, successfully changed the business model of Pepe Saya, current provider in our international and domestic premium cabins.

Qantas also recently launched its Avro program to accelerate timeframes for Start Ups and Scale Ups. We have engaged with young businesses who may provide innovative outcomes for Qantas and its customers and to assist them in moving them quickly to potentially becoming a supplier to Qantas.  We have an initial cohort of 12 small companies that we are currently working with to refine their commercial and market proposition.

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