Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity: A Coherent and Comprehensive Energy Policy

This booklet, Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity: A coherent and Comprehensive Energy Policy, is a chapter of the full report of the Business Council of Australia’s Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity.

The action plan identifies 93 recommendations across nine policy areas that can deliver prosperity through well-managed growth. This booklet is focused on a coherent and comprehensive energy policy.

Australia needs to ensure that it has a comprehensive and coherent national energy policy that drives the development of our energy resources, supports a strong energy export industry, and provides for the reliable and efficient delivery of competitively priced energy to households and businesses.

Australia’s energy sector needs to deliver these growth opportunities while meeting best practice environmental standards and seeking to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions in line with global efforts.

The booklet also contains a suggested approach to the phasing of the policy recommendations and an assessment of their ease of implementation versus their overall importance.