Discussion Paper on Foreign Investment and State-owned Enterprises

The Business Council of Australia is today releasing its Discussion Paper on Foreign Investment and State-owned Enterprises: Managing the Risks to Maximise the Benefits.

The discussion paper was launched at a forum in Sydney co-hosted by the BCA and ANU on the topic of Chinese state-owned enterprises and global investment. Read Jennifer Westacott’s opening remarks to the forum.

The discussion paper is intended as a contribution to the public debate on the range of options Australia could undertake to ensure we remain internationally competitive as a destination for attracting foreign capital from state-owned enterprise (SOE) investors.

The seven options canvassed in the discussion paper are the:

1.    Domestic Regulation Model
2.    FTA Model
3.    Private Enterprise Model
4.    Historical Accreditation Model
5.    Operational Accreditation Model
6.    Minimalist Model
7.    Existing Model

In conjunction, the BCA is releasing a report it commissioned from KPMG and the University of Sydney titled Demystifying SOE Investment in Australia. The report seeks to analyse SOE behaviours globally, and focuses on Australia’s experience with Chinese SOEs.