Foreign Attraction: Building on Our Advantages through Foreign Investment

Attracting the foreign investment required to support economic prosperity has long been one of Australia’s strengths.

Foreign investment has added to domestic savings to provide the capital needed to invest in competitive businesses.

It has supported stronger economic growth, contributing to more jobs, higher living standards and benefits to the community.

But we now need to take further steps to signal that we are open for business and to maintain broad public support for the level of investment needed to maintain our standards of living in the future.
This BCA paper, titled Foreign Attraction: Building on Our Advantages through Foreign Investment, recommends a number of improvements to Australia’s foreign business investment policies.

Foreign Attraction draws on and incorporates two pieces of research:

  • A report by Access Economics, titled ‘Foreign Investment in Australia’
  • A paper by Tony Hinton titled ‘Aspects of Australia’s Foreign Investment Policy and Its Administration’ 

We will be advocating the recommendations of the Foreign Attraction paper to key government and Opposition representatives and agencies at the federal and state levels.